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Posted Feb 21, 2019


We are committed to giving every child a chance to learn soccer, develop fundamental skills and then utilize them in game situations. Winning never gets in the way of good sportsmanship and overall soccer development. 


Volunteers are essential to the continued growth of our program. We are always looking for volunteers to help out where they can. Whether it's coaching,working at the concession stand or basic field maintenance, we welcome any time that you are able to donate.  


TUSC utilizes the experience of licensed coaches. All of our Travel coaches are USSF licensed soccer coaches.  If soccer is a passion for your child, their experience will develop their skills to be able to transition to the next level.



Boys and Girls Soccer Refund Policy

Please consider your schedules before registering. We have to manage teams accordingly and if players back out you can lose your full registered amount paid.

To qualify for a full refund (less the processing fee) the parent of the participant must contact the Tallmadge United Soccer Club board by emailing tusc.tony@gmail.com

Please provide the following information:
Full name of the player requesting this refund
Full name of the account
Reason for why your child is not participating

A copy of your email submission will be sent automatically to the Tallmadge United Soccer Club Board and Treasurer. Please allow 10 business days to review your request. If you do not receive a response, please send a follow up email to confirm that your request was received.

The Tallmadge United Soccer Club Board must approve any refund before a check can be mailed.


1. As parents or guardians of players please be aware that after team formation, you are not eligible for any refund of registration fees.

2. Refunds are NOT provided because families cannot, or will not, accommodate their schedules to Tallmadge United Soccer Club practice or game times and refunds are not provided because the club will not accommodate a specific coach/team request or car pool request.

3. Refunds are NOT provided because a family is disappointed in and/or disagrees with team placement of their player.

4. In addition, injuries are a part of all sports at any level and are not generally considered as a reason for a refund.

5. Any refunds granted shall be subject to deductions for any processing fees.

6. Refunds on uniform fees are subject to club placed team order.
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